Tokyo: Savoy

Pizza Rating: 5/5

We walked for half an hour through Tokyo at lunchtime on our search for Savoy. There was a line outside the door, but it was a beautiful day. When we finally moved inside, we saw 13 seats around a bar and one chef in the kitchen.

Savoy’s menu has two items: margherita pizza and marinara pizza. They only serve DOC Neapolitan style pizzas, so you know the ingredients are high-quality. I first saw this restaurant on Netflix, where it had attracted David Chang and Aziz Ansari as visitors.

For 1000 Yen, (~$10), you’re served a salad, ice tea, and your choice of pizza. The chef makes two at a time in front of everyone. If you eat quicker than your group, you may be asked to leave so others can sit down. An unassuming restaurant with out of this world pizza. Absolutely delicious.

The pizza checks all the boxes. Cooked at high heat in a woodfired oven, fluffy light crust, thin and soft dough throughout, and perfect ratios of cheese, sauce, basil, and olive oil. Savoy is a gem.

SAVOY Azabujuban