Havana: Street Pizza

Pizza Rating: 2/5 Stars

When you’re wandering around Havana, with no wifi or cell phone service at your disposal, you’ll notice locals lined up outside windows ordering food. You’ll wonder: what are these places? Do they take the tourist currency? Will I need to know Spanish to order?

The answer to your question is pizza- a word that transcends language, and a food that transcends culture.

On our last day in Cuba we decided to eat like a local. We stumbled upon a street shop window selling pizza that had a long line. Pizzas were 25 pesos – the equivalent of 1 CUC (Cuba’s tourist currency). For essentially $1 each, we purchased our personal ham pizzas.

Was the pizza memorable? Yes, but not for it’s taste. It is nothing fancier than a flatbread pizza I could make at home and put in the toaster oven. It was memorable because while pizza is everywhere, this pizza was uniquely Cuban. I’ll always remember sitting on the curb to eat my flatbread pizza on my last day of gorgeous Havana sunshine.