Southern India

Bangalore & Mysore

In February 2019 I spent some time in southern India, and it was unlike any place I’ve ever experienced. People are everywhere, even in rural towns I could alway see others around. Cows are also everywhere! They walk through yards and across highways, and no one bats an eye. What stuck with me most of all is that Indian people are busy. Not only are they always on the move, but they’re always doing something. The culture is lively, vibrant, and engaging.

The Oberoi Bengaluru

I had the great foturne of staying at The Oberoi Bengaluru while I worked a few events for my University. This luxury hotel property was exquisite! I was greeted with a thermos of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies when I arrived at the hotel at 3:00 AM. My room had a terrace and overlooked the hotel’s garden. If you ever get the chance to stay at an Oberoi property – do it!

Mysore Palace

After my stay in Bangalore (AKA Bengaluru- same city), my coworker and I took a few days off work to explore. We went to the nearby city Mysore (AKA Mysuru) and toured the palace.

Mysore Palace is in it’s fourth iteration, and this one was completed in 1912. and is the seat of the Kingdom of Mysore. The royal family has not ruled from this palace since 1940, and around that same time India as a whole abolished its monarchy.

This huge palace is absolutely stunning from the inside. You can take a tour, but you’ll have to leave your shoes at the shoe check-in counters. It can be crowded so it may be hard to take photos, but I highly recommend a visit here.

Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura

Just outside of Mysore is Chennakesava Temple, a Hindu temple built in the 1200s. We hired a guide to show us around the temple and share with us the intricacies of its architecture. The temple guides are architecture students at a local University, and it was great to support a student this way and learn from someone so passionate about the temple.

Chennakesava Temple is Trikuta, which means three shrine temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, particularly in the Krishna form.

I was blown away by the intricacies of the architecture. Every inch of this temple was delicately carved, with each image of the gods slightly different. The planning, patience, and handiwork that went into this temple is unlike any modern architecture. This was the first Hindu temple I’ve visited, and I am excited to see more!