Mid Atlantic: Benny’s Pizza

Pizza Rating: 4.5/5

Benny’s Pizza (Benny Sorrentinos + Benny Delucas) will always feel like my hometown pizza. Benny’s opened up in my college town, and there’s another location where I live now. The 28″ pizzas are memorable- but one of the $5 slices will fill you up! One thing I love about Benny’s is that they include tax in the price, so a $5 slice will always be a $5 slice.

You almost expect Benny’s to just be a novelty by the size, but the pizza is actually pretty good. The crust is fluffy and warm, the cheese flavorful, and there’s the perfect amount of sauce on the pizza. The large slices give you more of those inside pizza bites and less crust, which I love.

Drunk or sober, I will always love you Benny’s. ❤